Frequently asked questions

Why are all Cashmere Classics buses so modern?Under NZ law, only emission compliant heavy vehicles can be imported for use on our roads. This generally means they will be newer than 2008.
Does Cashmere Classics import to order?Cashmere Classics generally only imports GX & EX variants of the Toyota Coaster bus and in 7m length. Sorry we do not buy to order.
Is a bus ready to drive on the road when it arrives in NZ?
No - Buses imported from Japan require some modification/additions before compliance as either a PSV or motorhome in NZ. 
What is RUC?RUC is Road User Charges - a tax the NZ Goverment charges for road run diesel vehicles as diesel fuel is not fully taxed at the pump. The amount of the charge is based on a vehicle's GVM (see below) and is sold in 1000km increments.
What does PSV mean?PSV is an abrieviation of "Passenger Service Vehicle," the term given by the New Zealand Transport Authority (NZTA) to vehicles used to carry paying (and other) passengers.
What is compliance?Compliance is the pre-registration checking process undertaken in NZ by an NZTA approved heavy vehicvle inspector.
How long does compliance take?
Whether it is a Passenger Service Vehicle (PSV) or Motorhome, the preparation time is 1-2 days and formal part of the Compliance usually takes 1 day.
Why do some buses carry less passengers than others that are the same size?On request, the NZTA issues a loading certificate for a heavy vehicle after arrival in NZ. Some vehicles are rated at a lower GVM (see belwo) than others, hence although they may have 23 physical seats, not all can be occupied under NZ law.
What modifications are needed before compliance?
Whether it is for a motorhome or PSV compliance, a NZ tare weight needs to be established and a Hubometer added - and for PSV compliance, seat re-spacing is often needed, a NZ approved fire extinguisher, emergency exit signage and related door/window modifications etc.
How many seats can a motorhome be complied with?Generally up to 6 seats are permitted. It is recommended that to comply the vehicle with the number you intend to end up with once your conversion is completed. However, the number of berths dictates the minimum number of seats required (2 beds = 2 compliant belted seats minimum), but the number of seats can exceed the number of berths. Ultimately all passengers in a motorhome must be restrained with approved certified seat belts.
Can I have a bus configured to my personal requirements?Yes, we have the industry contacts for seat alterations, carpeting, partition construction/installation and painting/signage as well as cetrtified towbars etc., and are happy to quote on any alterations you  require.
What is GVM & GCM?GVM = "Gross Vehicle Mass" and is the maximum laden weight of a vehicle and GCM = "Gross Combined Mass" = the GVM plus maximum towing capacity (i.e combined weight of the bus plus trailer/boat/caravan in tow).
Can I have a towbar fitted to my bus or motorhome?Yes, we can supply a fully certified towbar for any Coaster we sell.
Can a motorhome-complied Toyota Coaster be driven on a class 1 licence?Yes, all our Coasters have a GVM of less than 6 tonnes, which is the current NZTA exemption weight for a class 1 licence. However, if you plan to tow with your motorhome, although a Coaster's CVM will exceed 6 tonnes, you would need a class 2 if the CVM exceeds this weight.
Does Cashmere Classics offer finance?Yes, we can refer you to a reliable independent finance company, whether you require finance for business (PSV), or private (motorhome) use. We have no financial or any other relationship with any finanace company, so any rate quoted should be the best available to you.
Why buy from Cashmere Classics?* Cashmere Classics (trading as Interbus Limited)  has been importing buses from Japan and selling into the New Zealand market since 1998.
* We only buy grade 4 or better buses from reputable auction houses and all are subject to a stringent pre-purchase inspection before we buy. They are additioanlly checked at the port prior to export to NZ and have are subject to an Odometer check at this point. We do not import any accident repaired buses or any suffering from rust.
* We have hundreds of satisfied customers and numerous repeat customers.
* all our buses are fully serviced prior to sale - new engine oil & filter, fuel filter and transmission oil & filter (for an auto) and groomed in preparation for service.
* our buses are sold with 6 months registration a compliant COF and minimum 1000km RUC
Do Cashmere Classics take Trade-ins?Yes, we trade clean tidy vehicles.
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